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School PE and Sports Premium

Primary Schools Sport Funding

Since 2013, the government has provided more money to improve provision of physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools. This funding – provided jointly by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport – is allocated to primary schools.

This funding is ring-fenced and therefore can only be spent on provision of PE and sport in schools.

Schools must spend the additional funding on improving their provision of PE and sport, but they will have the freedom to choose how they do this. At Khalsa Primary we are committed to ensuring our children understand the importance of being active, having a healthy lifestyle and enjoy sports and games activities. Below is an overview of how we have decided to use this funding in 2016-2017. The school has been allocated £9,780.

Overall aims

  • Increased participation in PE and sport so that all pupils develop healthy lifestyles with the opportunity to experience and learn new skills.
  • The impact that PE has on physical well-being and fitness, self-esteem, confidence and the numbers of pupils involved in sporting activities in and out of school.
  • Provide professional development opportunities to improve teaching and learning in PE. Improve the quality and breadth of PE and sporting provision.

Sports Funding Report 2016-2017

Our overall aim is to focus sports funding to be able to provide opportunities that inspire pupils and broaden the horizon in sports activities that at the very least help to maintain healthy lifestyles, but more importantly taking sports to a higher levels of participation and achievement for our pupils.

Total amount allocated to Khalsa Primary School for 2016 – 17 is £9780

 Action Plan for sports premium: 2016-17

OBJECTIVES (description of activities/ equipment/ expenditure) Cost SUCCESS CRITERIA (Impact on Participation and attainment How will the outcomes be made sustainable?
Hiring specialist P.E coaches to deliver sessions £4730 · 100% attendance in lessons

· Pupils tell us that they enjoy PE

· Staff to observe PE so that they can develop transferable skills
To provide after school sports clubs throughout the year for all pupils. £1000 · Pupils receive a wide range of extra-curricular activities outside academic subjects

· Provide experiences to further develop pupils interests

· Record which classes receive activities and ensure new classes have them next academic year

· Encourage children to share experiences with parents via newsletter so children may take up new sports outside of school

Purchase additional P.E. equipment for lessons and for ‘active playtime’s’. £2000 · Provide teachers with the correct equipment to teach P.E.

· Pupils will be able to learn about a variety of sports with the correct equipment

· Pupils enjoy playtime’s and develop physical and social skills

Team games with local schools throughout the year £2050 · Pupil experience competing with other pupils and learn about team building.

· Pupil’s confidence is developed further.

· Links with other schools will ensure that the events continue

Please note the above figures are approximate


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