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School Meals

A menu is provided below to show the three weekly cycle of meals, so that parents/carers can discuss the options with their children. We are a healthy school and encourage healthy eating for all our pupils, staff and visitors. Lunches are cooked on the premises and are strictly vegetarian (no eggs, meat or fish).

Our school provides a meal service costing £2.30 a day/£11.50 a week. Please ensure that all payments are made in advance and cover a weekly or 4-weekly period.

All payments are to be made either online, or by telephone.  To pay online, you can set up a Direct Debit at the following website: www.ealingmeals.com. To pay by telephone,  please ring Harrisons on 0208 280 0312/0318/0319. If your child is absent from school, remember to call Harrisons to inform them.

If your child will be coming to school late, please remember to call  before 9.30am to let us know if they will have a packed lunch or school dinner. It is not possible to request a school dinner after this time.

If your child is having packed lunch brought from home, please ensure that it is strictly vegetarian and is a healthy meal i.e. no chocolates, crisps or fizzy drinks.

Chilled water and fresh fruit is available daily to the children.

 Khalsa Primary School weekly menus:





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