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Parent Survey Results – Summer 2016

“The school has helped my daughter a lot, I am really proud of the staff and senior leadership. Thank you very much!”

The parent questionnaire which is normally used by OFSTED inspection teams was given to all parents. Parents were asked to complete it anonymously and on their own and were requested to return the completed questionnaires to their class teachers. Parents were asked to answer from their own personal perspective, rather than give a collective view.

A small working party looked at all the questionnaires, and collated the results in the form of graphs.

Responses were received from 139 invited to take part, a fantastic participation return. The purpose of the survey was to help assess where we are as a school and to provide some footings for how the school might be improved.

The survey was designed in two parts, the first being a set of positive statements with tick box options to agree or disagree and the final question being an open question about the strengths and weaknesses of the school. The first produces a clear quantitative measure allowing the assessments of the different aspects of the school to be directly compared. This approach ensures that parents were not constrained by the questionnaire. The survey results are presented in two corresponding parts. The first is all the results collated into a table and the latter a set of charts showing the responses to the set questions. This report presents and describes the responses given by the parents.

  Question Agree Disagree Don’t know Total responses
1 My child is happy at this school 137 1 1 139
2 My child feels safe at this school 138 1 139
3 My child makes good progress at this school 129 7 3 139
4 My child is well looked after at this school 131 3 2 136
5 My child is taught well at this school 132 5 2 139
6 My child receives appropriate homework for their age 129 4 6 139
7 This school makes sure its pupils are well behaved 132 4 3 139
8 This school deals effectively with bullying 120 8 11 139
9 This school is well led and managed 130 3 5 138
10 This school responds well to any concerns 124 9 6 139
11 I receive valuable information from the school about my child’s progress 126 6 2 134
12 Would you recommend this school to another parent? 126 6 7 139

Please note: Some responses were left blank; this is due to parents feeling they could not answer the question.


The above data indicates the positive responses to the statements provided. The majority of parents either strongly agree or agree with each statement.


The above graph indicates that 98% of parents feel their child is happy at school.


The above graph indicates that 99% of parents believe their child is safe at school.


94% of parents feel the school is well led and managed. One parent’s response was “The school has helped my daughter a lot, I am really proud of the staff and senior leadership. Thank you very much!”


Parent responses:

“I am very happy with the head teacher and my daughters class teacher, they are very well educated.”

“Special thanks to the Nursery team.”

“Could you please add an extra year to the school?”

“Overall I am very happy with my child’s progress and well-being.”

“I am happy for my child at school, thanks.”

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