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Our Vision and Values



Khalsa Primary School provides all children with a broad, balanced and vibrant curriculum based on the National Curriculum. We teach children about, and encourage them to act in line with, both British values and the values inherent in the Sikh faith.

We ensure this by rigorously monitoring, reviewing and revising teaching across the curriculum to make sure it is well-planned, engaging and inclusive for all.


The school is committed to maintaining harmonious relationships within the school and wider community. By building these positive relationships we endeavour to represent our community in a positive way.

We ensure this by developing and maintaining good relationships with all stakeholders through clear and effective communication.


At our school, we have high expectations of our children and our staff. We aim to employ or develop outstanding practitioners, who are passionate about helping children to achieve their full potential. Our governing body provides robust, supportive and strategic leadership to develop this ambition.

We ensure this by maintaining effective teamwork, solution-focused approaches and always striving for the best.


Our community fosters an inclusive teaching and learning setting which is focused on the achievement of everyone. Numerous opportunities are provided for children, parents, governors and staff to learn and celebrate academic success.

We ensure this by having appropriately qualified and well-trained staff and governors with ongoing professional development mirroring their responsibilities.


The key tenets of the Sikh Faith are immersed in all aspects of school life: by working hard (Kirat Karna), sharing and caring (Vand Ke Shakna) and remembering God (Naam Japna), the school is able to demonstrate Sikh practice in everyday life.

We ensure this by incorporating spirituality in daily communal prayers in the Darbar Sahib, assemblies and special occasions where the whole community join together and celebrate. We reward children who follow the golden rules.


At Khalsa we provide pupils and staff opportunities to achieve their full potential within a happy, caring, safe and secure environment.

We ensure this by recognising and celebrating achievement of everyone through relentless focus on pupil progress and attainment.




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