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In Year Admissions

How to apply for an in-year primary school place immediately:

Please note that two forms need to be completed for in-year admissions: The In-Year Application Form and The Supplementary Information Form (SIF) .

1. In-Year Application Form. Please ensure that you complete the In-Year Application Form, obtainable from your Local Authority or go online for more information: http://www.ealing.gov.uk/info/200561/in-year_admissions/1125/in-year_primary_school_admissions

2. The Supplementary Information Form (SIF).  Please also complete and return to the school office with a copy of your child’s date of birth certificate and two proofs of address (e.g. council tax, child tax benefit, Income support, Driving License, Inland Revenue etc.) with parent’s name, to confirm your address. Download the Supplementary Information Form here.

It is parents’ responsibility that both forms (Supplementary Information Form – SIF) and the Local Authority Common Application Form (CAF) are completed and handed in.

All other applicants please go to your ‘home’ local authority website.

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